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Good Life Party Food

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Boxed Catering is a popular lunch alternative. We can drop these fresh innovative lunches daily from  25 - 1000 per day we can look after any event, seminar or meeting at price points to suit your needs.
We can customise your lunch box to suit you needs or budget including dietary requirements 



$10.00 per head                          4pt Mixed Gourmet Sandwich                                Gourmet House Made Mini Cake                             Fresh Piece of Fruit                                             Chocolate Bar Bite

$14.00 per head                          4pt Mixed Gourmet Sandwich                                      Fresh Fruit Salad Tub                                               Natural Harvest Artesian Muffin                                   Mini Trail Mix Tub 

$16.00 per head

Baguette with Fresh Innovative Fillings                    Fresh Fruit Salad Tub                                       Gourmet House Made Slice                                  Cheese & Cracker Selection                                  House Made Gourmet Cake

$18.00 per head

Flame Grilled Chicken Souvlaki                                    Greek Salad                                                           Tzatizki Dip & Grilled Pita                                       Gourmet House Made Slice                                         Gourmet House Made Cake 

$10.00 per head
Selection of French Mini Pastries
Mini Fresh Fruit Skewer
Mini Museli Bar
$14.00 per head 
Lemon & Blueberry Bread
Museli  & Vanilla Yogurt Cup
Freshly Baked Croissant with Ham, Cheese & Tomato 
$16.00 per head 
Omelette Panini with Tomato Relish & Spinach
Fresh Fruit Salad Cup
Gourmet Artesian Muffin 
Breakfast Cookie
$18.00 per head
1/2 Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese & Chive Baguette
1/2 Omelette Wrap with Tomato Relish & Spinach
Mini Melon Tub with Organic Vanilla Yoghurt 
Natural Harvest Artesian Muffin
Gourmet Breakfast Bar
600ml Spring Water - $2.00 or  $24.00 for 24 pack
350ml Apple / Orange Juice - $3.50
350ml Lemon / Orange Mineral Water - $3.00
550ml Iced Tea - $3.50
600ml Gatorade - $5.50
Delivered Daily
Freshly made and delivered. We cater for all dietary requirements delivering daily below is our most popular platters, however, we can customise a menu to suit your requirements and budget just let us know and we will email you a quote with delivery. 
10 Gourmet Muffins - $35.00 
Mixed House Made Muffins can be cut into halves if you wish
25 Mini Slices - $35.00 or 40 for $45.00  
Mixed House Made Gourmet Slices
 20 Mini House Made Cakes - $35.00
A Gourmet Mix of House Made Mini Cakes 
 15 Mixed Bread's - $60.00 can be cut into 30pc
Innovative Mix of Banana, Vegan Date & Walnut, & Carrot Bread
30 Mini Tea Cakes - $55.00 
Gourmet Petite Banana, Chocolate and Carrot 
15 House Fav Bread - $55.00
House Made Gourmet Zucchini & Chia Bread Can be Cut into 30pc
House Made Friands - $60.00
6 Lemon & Rosemary. 6 Raspberry & 6 Chocolate Chip Friands 
 72 Boxed Cookies - $50.00
Gourmet Corporate Catering Cookies 
20 Mini French Pastries - $49.00
A Mix of Petite Freshly Baked Pastries
30pc Mixed Platter - $55.00    
10 Mini Muffins, 10 Mixed Cakes & 10 Mini Slices 
 20 Mini Crossaints  - $75.00
With a Selection of Gourmet Ingredients 
20 Mini Mixed Breakfast Rolls - $80.00
Gourmet Mini Rolls with a Selection of Breakfast Ingredients
40pt Sandwich Platter - $49.00
A Gourmet Mix of Freshly Made Sandwiches
Fresh Fruit Platter - $49.00
 A variety of seasonal fresh fruit beautifully presented  
Fresh Fruit & Cheese Platter - $65.00 
Fresh fruit, dry fruit, mixed crackers and gourmet cheeses 
Cheese Platter - $55.00 
A variety of gourmet cheeses, strawberries, dried fruit and mixed crackers 
Gourmet Grazing Box - $125.00
With a Selection of Antipasto Vegetables, Dips, Gourmet Cheeses, Deli Meats, Fruits, Nuts, Crackers, Bread Spectacularly Presented Enough for 25 guest 
Grazing Platter - $75.00
A Selection of Cheeses, Crackers, Fruits, Nuts, Dips and Vegetables 
Trio of House Made Dips - $45.00 
With Fresh Vegetable Crudites  
Trio of House Dips- $55.00 
With Crackers & Fresh Veg Crudites   
15 House Made Scones - $55.00 
Best Ever Scones with Freshly Whipped Cream & Jam  
10 Yogurt Cups - $45.00
Organic Vanilla Museli Cups 
10 Fresh Fruit Salad Cups - $45.00
Freshly Made Seasonal Fruit with Vanilla Yoghurt

10 Mexican style beef puffs        10 House made sausage rolls


10 Italian style sausgae rolls        10 House made pies


10 Vegetarian arancini balls          10 Vegetable empanadas


10 Mixed gourmet quiches            10 Mac & cheese balls


10 Gourmet vegetable samosa      10 Beef ragu arancini balls


10 Lamb korma samosa                 10 Greek pine nut puffs  


10 Flame grilled chicken satays    10 Mini chicken schnitzels  


40 Pumpkin & feta risotto balls - $30.00 


60 Italian mini meatballs - $35.00


40 Tomato & basil risotto balls - $30.00 


50 Vegetable curry puffs - $30.00 


30 Spinach & cheese rolls - $30.00


30 Pumpkin & feta mini rolls - $35.00


50 Sweet chilli chicken goujons - $35.00


12 Mini chicken balti canape pies - $20.00


12 Beef stout & mushroom - $20.00


12 Wasabi cheese & cauliflower - $20.00


12 Chicken corden bleu canape pie - $20.00




To make your function an event hire a staff member to cook and serve for three hours. We recommend one staff member per 50 guest if guest numbers are above 60 we do require that you hire another staff member, or you may provide someone to assist all we require is an oven. Please note that we only provide staff when you purchase a catering package.

What we provide when you hire a staff member ?

  • Napkins & Two Sauces
  • Serving Trays & Utensils
  • Small Fryer with Oil
  • Disposable Oven Trays

3HRS SERVICE - $165.00

 FOR EVERY HOUR THEREAFTER - $45.00 per hour.

DELIVERY – Please note staff do not bring the food with them you are required to pick it up from our shop in Wantirna. If you require a delivery a fee will apply from $35.00 onwards please enquire.

All food packages require heating unless specified.

TRAVEL – A travel fee for staff may apply if your function is not within our service area please enquire.

Hiring staff is subject to our terms and conditions on our website


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