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Good Life Party Food

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Sandwich Platter 2 






40pt Sandwich Platter - $49.00 - We prepare and create over 100 sandwich platters per week

 A selection of freshly made sandwiches all made with gourmet   ingredients spectaculary presented. Made fresh on the day with our own home made relishes &   sauces with most of our deli meats cooked, seasoned and sliced in our   kitchens. Taste the difference at a affordable price


Ribbon Sandwiches

20pt Gourmet Ribbon Sandwiches - $60.00

Gourmet range of ribbon sandwiches made with three slices of organic bread with premium ingredients


mini wrap 2

 40 Gourmet Mini Wraps - $58.00 

A selection of freshly made mini wraps all made with gourmet   ingredients spectaculary presented. Made fresh on the day with our own home made relishes &   sauces with most of our deli meats cooked, seasoned and sliced in our   kitchens. Taste the difference at a affordable price


sand  wrap


Mix Platter - 20pt Mini Wrap Platter with a 20pt Sandwich Platter - $55.00

A gourmet selection of mixed mini wraps and sandwich points made with our premium ingredients including our home cooked deli meats and home made relishes & sauces taste the difference.



 40 Mixed Mini Panini Platter - $75.00

 Over two spectacular platters freshly made on the day with our premium ingredients in crusty panini rolls a delicious platter


mini rolls

 40 Mini Roll Platter - $80.00

 A large variety of gourmet mini rolls that are stuffed and filled with our house made ingredients a very popular working platter

fruit plater

Fresh Fruit Platter - $49.00 

A invigorating platter with a huge selection of seasonal fruit its refreshing and delicious big enough for 20-25 guest a very popular platter





International and domestic cheeses with dried apricots, strawberries and a large variety of crackers. Our cheeses are all aged and are of the highest quality a very popular platter.

 antipasto platter

Antipasto Platter - $59.00

A selection of gourmet quality mostly house made deli meats with our home made dip and aged cheese with pita sliced bread, roasted capsicum and black olives a very popular grazing platter



boccocini cheese skewers


 30 Mini Skewer Bocconcini  - $60.00

A gourmet item with aged gourmet bocconcini, fresh basil leaves on cut cherry tomato's drizzled with quality balsamic vinagar.

Skewer Prosciutto Melon


30 Melom & Proscuitto, Bocconcini Skewer - $90.00

A very exquisite item with aged proscuitto and bocconcini a very popular finger food


sushi platter

50pc Sushi Platter - $65.00 

A selection of gourmet sushi and nori rolls


 cold food platters

 Cold Food Platters - $75.00

 A very popular platter great for any function. 55 Flame Grilled Meatballs, 24 Mixed Quiches, 24 Chicken Satays, 40 Pumpkin & Fetta Rissoto Balls over two platters. This is big enough for 25 guest.

 dip platter
Dip Platter - $40.00
A selection of three home made dips with freshly cut vegetables and crackers a very popular platter.
Fresh Fruit & Gourmet Cheese Platter - $59.00
A invigorating blend of fresh fruits and gourmet exotic aged cheeses with crackers and dried apricots all the fruits are compatiable with the select cheeses a exciting platter
 Gourmet Cold Food Platter Over Two Platters - $95.00 - Enough for 15-20 guest
Grilled Morrocan meatballs , Grilled chicken tikka bites, Mini Afghani kebabs, Home made potato rostis with home made raita yogurt dip, tomato onion relish, sliced roti bread and roasted vegetables a gourmet quality platter
European Style Cold Food Platter - $80.00 - Over Two Platters
35 Basil & tomato rissoto balls, 60 Italian style meatballs, 24 Gluten free mixed flavoured fritatta bites with home made spinach dip
Small Cold Food Picnic Platter - $75.00
24 Home Made Mixed Quiches,  24 Gluten free mixed patties flavours include,
8 Thai beef, chilli & sweet potato patties, 8 root vegetables with goat's cheese & walnuts,
8 chicken korma patties beautifully presented on two platters
Indulgence Platter - Our Most Popular Sweet Platter - $49.00
25 Chocolate Mini Eclairs, 30 Mouth Watering Cream Puffs, 30 Chocolate Profiteroles
Cheese & Mousse Platter - $85.00
20 New York Baked Cheesecakes
20 Strawberry Mousse Cakes
20 Dark & White Chocolate Mousse Cakes
Chocolate Treat Platter Over Two Platters - $85.00
20 Triple Chocolate Tea Cakes
30 Chocolate Cream Puffs
30 Chocolate Eclairs
20 Chocolate Cherry Slices
MORNING TEA / AFTERNOON TEA PLATTERS   - Please look at our seminar / buffet menus
cake platter
40pc Cake Platter - $35.00 - A selection of home baked log cakes slices great for meeting, funerals, seminars and school events
mini slice platter
40pc Mini Slice Platter - A selection of mini slices a variety of flavours - $45.00
40pc Gourmet Conference Cookie Platter - $50.00
mini tartlets
 48 Mini Tarts - A selection of hand crafted mini tarts eight flavours or exquisite bliss - $75.00
 yogurt cup
20 Yogurt Cups / Fruit Salad Cups - Low fat organic vanilla yogurt with a selection of toppings and fruit - $80.00
30pc Mini Tea Cake Platter - A elegant selection of elegant tea cakes mixed flavours - $45.00
30pc Morning Pastrie Platter -  A mixed gourmet variety of french pastries - $55.00
20pc Mini Muffins - A mixed variety selection of delicious mini muffins - $45.00
20 Home Made Scones - With whipped cream & raspberry jam - $55.00
20 Mini Croissant  - Mini ham, cheese & tomato mini croissant - $60.00


• Take the Hassle Out of Your Party and Hire a Staff Member to Cook, Serve and Clean-up.

• We Supply Staff for 3hrs for the Cost of $150.00 Great Value When You Can Relax and Enjoy the Company of Your Guest Without the Worry of Preparing, Serving and Cleaning Up.

• When You Hire Staff In Addition We Provide Serving Trays, Two Dipping Sauces, Serviettes and a Fryer With Oil.

• Please Note – Staff Do Not Bring Food Packages With Them You Must Either Pick Your Package up From Our Shop or We Can Arrange Delivery Please Refer to Delivery Page For Details.


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