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Finger Food Catering Melbourne | Finger Food Melbourne



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All of the fingerfoods below is handmade and prepared by our Chefs.

They are of the highest quality with exceptional pricing great for any special event. 



CHOOSE 10 ITEMS - $17.00 per head

CHOOSE 12 ITEMS -  $19.00 per head

CHOOSE 15 ITEMS - $22.00 per head

Add one staff to cook & serve for three hours per 50 guest - $150.00



  • Fresh roast beef canapes topped with roasted red capsicum & horseradish crème on a sliced baguette 
  • Avocado smash with tomato, feta in pastry tarts
  • Thai beef mixed with fresh Asian herbs and sweet chilli on mini tarts
  • Poached chicken breast mixed with basil pesto topped with sundried tomato in mini tarts
  • Pumpkin smash mixed with fresh herbs topped with feta in a pastry tart


  • Malaysian Style Chicken Satays – Hawker style flamed grilled marinated in a peanut sauce
  • Greek Kofta Skewers – Marinated in lemon and garlic with fresh herbs served with a garlic aioli 
  • Moroccan Kofta Skewers – Marinated with Moroccan spices and herbs with a garlic aioli
  • Swiss Cheese & Chicken Pies – With a tomato relish handmade premium pie
  • Chicken Butter Pies – A delicious item cooked with our own recipe
  • Mediterranean Pie – Made with fresh herbs in a tomato base sauce
  • King Island Beef – A gourmet style beef pie
  • Beef & Guinness Mini Pies – Cooked with guinness over many hours hand premium pie 
  • Italian Style Sausage Rolls – Mixed with a tomato suga and fresh Italian herbs
  • Premium Beef Sausage Rolls – With premium mince house mad
  • Arancini Balls – A selection of gourmet vegetable arancini balls 
  • Vegetable Samosa – Hand made premium samosa’s cooked with a traditional recipe 
  • Lamb Samosa – Hand made premium samosa’s cooked with a traditional lamb korma recipe
  • Vegetable Spring Rolls – Premium spring roll Vietnamese style and cigar size
  • Tempura Torpedo Prawns – King size prawns with a light coating of tempura
  • Swedish Meatballs – Served on skewer made with premium ingredients
  • Hungarian Beef Rolls – Beef goulash style crumbed and lightly fried
  • Vegetable Croquettes – Lightly spices and crumbed in a potato casing
  • Beef Ragu Arancini – Cooked in red wine rich and full of flavour
  • Mac & Cheese Ball – A fun food that is very popular made our special way. 
  • Mac, Bacon & Cheese Ball – With bacon to give it a little kick
  • Mini Chicken Schnitzel – A delicious and popular finger food bite size and vibrant
  • Chicken & Mushroom Vol Au Vents – Mini bite size traditional French recipe
  • Mini Whiting – Panko crumbed mini whiting lightly fried
  • Pumpkin & Chive Rolls – Handmade vegetarian sausage roll style
  • Chicken Kiev Bites – Chicken bites with a garlic butter centre
  • Chicken Bites – With a ham and cheese centre
  • Mixed Pizza – A selection of mixed gourmet pizza mini’s
  • Mixed Quiches – A selection of house made gourmet mini quiches
  • Salt & Pepper Calamari – Tossed in salt & pepper coating
  • Greek Pinenut Puff – A traditional dish with lamb, pinenuts wrapped in a puff pastry
  • Lebanese Lamb Kibbeh – A Lebanese street food herbed mince lamb & pinenuts coated with burghul wheat
  • Thai Fish Cakes – Made with lemongrass and sweet chilli
  • Prawn Twisters – A favourite large prawns wrapped in spring roll pastry 
  • Italian Style Meatballs – Made with fresh herbs, feta and a tomato suga 
  • Sri Lankan Beef Pan Rolls – A street food item balanced with fresh herbs and spices  
  • Mini Potato Cake  - Topped with a fresh tomato bruschetta mix


SATAY'S - $1.50 each 20 minimum

Malaysian Style Chicken Satay 

Marinated in a authenic Malaysian satay sauce and grilled

Indian Chicken Tandoori Sata

Marinated in our own tandoori sauce a favourite

Tumeric Satays

A new culinery trend chicken basted in a turmeric paste and grilled

Teriyaki Beef Satay - $2.00 each 20 minimum

Japanese style tender beef marinated in a teriyaki sauce

SAMOSA - $1.50 each 20 minimum  

Vegetable Samosa 

Hand made lightly spiced vegetables wrapped in our own pastry

Lamb Korma Samosa

Delicious lamb cooked in a Korma sauce wrapped in our own house made pastry

Curried Pumpkin Samosa 

A innovative item cooked with fresh herbs in a light curry sauce 


GOURMET SPRING ROLLS - $1.50 each 20 minimum

Gourmet Asian Vegetable Spring Rolls 

Asian julienne vegetables mixed with herbs wrapped in pastry cigar size 

Asian Chicken & Vegetable Spring Rolls 

Shredded chicken mixed with Asian greens served with a selection of sauces

Beef & Vegetable Spring Rolls

Shredded beef mixed with Asian herbs

 Peking Duck Spring Rolls - $2.50 each 20 minimum

 Larger cigar size spring rolls rolled with delicious tender Peking duck wrapped in paper thin pastry and lightly fried



20 Mini Banh Mi Vietnamese Rolls - $70.00

Grilled marinated chicken pieces mixed with coriander, mint, chilli and red onion, carrot and grilled red capsicum 

Mini Angus Burgers $2.95 or $3.95 with fries 

Juicy beef sliders topped with cheese, tomato relish and spinach 

Mini Hot Dogs - $2.00

Delicious grilled mini boiled frankfurts in small hot dog buns topped with a mustard relish 

Mini Chicken Schnitzel Burgers - $2.50

Mini chicken schnitzel in small buns with Asian slaw

Mini Thai Chicken Sliders - $3.50

Chicken fillets minced with Thai spices, fresh coriander, mint,  chilli and lemon grass topped with sweet chilli sauce and fresh spinach in a fresh bun 

Mini Prawn Sliders - $4.00 each 20 minimum

Cajun style mini prawn pattie crumbed and topped with a garlic aioli with spinach leaves in a mini brioche bun

Chipolata Grilled Mini Sausages - $3.00 each 20 minimum

Grilled mini beef & pork lightly spiced sausages grilled and served in a mini bun topped with caramelised onion relish



Mini Afghani Kebabs - $1.50 each 20 minimum

A tasty grilled mini mince kebab patti cooked with fresh herbs, onion, ginger & garlic

Mini Greek Chicken Souvlaki Skewers - $2.00 each 20 minimum

Marinated in garlic, lemon, oregano and fresh herbs grilled and served with tzatziki 

 Lamb Souvlaki Mini Skewers - $3.50 each 20 minimum 

Tender lamb fillets marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, fresh oregano, garlic and lemon pepper

Italian Meatballs - $1.50 each 20 minimum

Mixed with fresh Italian herbs, tomato suga, garlic and parmesan 

Mini Seafood Baskets - $4.00

Premium seafood with tempura torpedo prawn, crumbed whiting goujon and salt & pepper calamari elegantly presented in a mini bamboo basket - with fries

Mini Butter Chicken Curry – $4.50

Mouth-watering home cooked chicken butter curry on saffron rice topped with freshly chopped corriander served in small elegant bamboo basket 

Mini Chipolata Mignon - $3.00 each 20 minimum 

Mini chipolata's wrapped in bacon and oven cooked



Mini Afghani Beef Kofta 

Minced beef fillets with onion, garlic, ginger, coriander with exotic spices

Mini Greek Lamb Kofta 

A Greek style lamb Kofta with fresh herbs, oregano & lemon.

 Mini Mexican Kofta 

Ground beef, onions, paprika & smoky chipotle chilli.                      

Mini Asian Chicken Kofta

Chicken with fresh lemon grass, ginger & coriander

EMPANADA’S - $1.75 each

Roasted Corn and Sweet Chilli - Roasted sweet corn and red capsicum with caramelized onion and tomato salsa in a fine short pastry  Beef & Cheese - Premium beef mixed with Spanish herbs and spices pan fried with onions and cheese wrapped in short pastry.  Chicken & Salsa Chicken fillets shredded and pan fried with tomato, corn and fresh herbs  



 Mini Chicken Schnitzel                                                                                                                                                                               Chicken breast fillets slices and dusted in herbs coated in our own  bread crumb and lightly fried served .

Chilli Beef Schnitzel                                                                                                                                                                                  Tender beef dusted in our own chilli, paprika and spices and crumbed in a crunchy texture then lightly fried served with a spicy plum sauce.

GOURMET PUFFS - 20 minimum $1.50 EACH

Greek Lamb Pinenut PuffPremium lamb mince mixed with Greek seasoning mixed with eggs, fresh herbs and pan fried pinenuts wrapped in pastry and oven cooked a delicious finger food

 Tandoori Chicken  Puff Chicken fillet marinated in our home made tandoori sauce oven cooked and wrapped in pastry 

Morrocan Puff -    Cooked with middle eastern herbs with fresh herbs mixed with eggs and wrapped in puff pastry                                                                                                                                                                              



 Mini Beef Wellingtons Roasted succulent beef marinated in red wine seasoned with mushrooms wrapped in puff pastry.

Mini Chicken Butter Wellingtons Chicken marinated in tikka spices cooked to perfection a delicious finger food

Mini Chicken Vino Wellingtons Poached chicken in white wine seasoned with mushrooms wrapped in puff pastry



Smoked Salmon  On water crackers topped with sour cream, caviar, parsley and a dash of tabasco - $1.50 each                                  Chicken Tandoori   On cucumber rounds topped with coriander, red capsicum and raita dressing - $1.50 each                             Chicken Mango Poached chicken seasoned thinly sliced  mango, cucumber red capsicum and mint on a pappadam base - $2.00    Rosti - Smoked salmon on a caramelised onion rosti topped with sour cream and caviar - $3.00

   Rare Roast Beef  Topped with horseradish crème, roasted capsicum and a sprinkle of paprika on a crisp bread - $2.00


Thai Beef Tartlet Rare roast beef marinated in Thai spices and sweet chilli with peanuts, shallots and chilli - $3.00

Seared Lamb Tartlets Seared lamb on spiced pumpkin and topped with chilli jam -$3.50

Smoked Salmon Tartlet Avocado & citrus dressing topped with finely sliced cucumber, spanish onion and fresh mint   $4.00

Prawn Tartlet Pan fried prawns with lemon & lime juice, chilli, coriander and mint - $4.00 each

Thai roast beef canape 1202tandoorichickenSmoked Salmon Canape. 2

MIXED TARTLET BOX - 50 TAKE AWAY - 10 each of the following - $150.00

Great for the Spring Carnival

Thai Beef Tartlet Rare roast beef marinated in Thai spices and sweet chilli with peanuts, shallots and corriander

Seared Lamb Tartlets Seared lamb on spiced pumpkin and topped with chilli jam

Smoked Salmon Tartlet With avocado and citrus dressing topped with basil

Prawn Tartlet –  Pan fried prawns with lemon & lime juice, chilli, coriander and mint

Peri Peri Chicken Tartlet  - Pan seared topped with finely slices tomato, onion and mint

30 Mini Skewer Bocconcini - $60.00                                                                                                                                             

A gourmet item with aged gourmet bocconcini, fresh basil leaves on cut cherry tomato's drizzled with quality balsamic vinegar.

30 Melon & Prosciutto, Bocconcini Skewer - $90.00

A very exquisite item with aged prosciutto and bocconcini a very popular finger food