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Finger Food Catering Melbourne | Finger Food Melbourne


50 Butter Chicken Roti - Fresh chicken gently cooked in a fragrant creamy tomato sauce and wrapped in light Roti bread

50 Moroccan Beef Savoury Roll- Middle Eastern spices sautéed with onion blended through quality beef.

50 Eggplant Parmagiana Involtini- Slow cooked eggplant flavoured with fresh basil and topped with tomato sugo and parmesan cheese.

50 Chorizo & Mozzarella Involtini - A classic combination of chorizo sausage, mozzarella, tomato and fresh herbs, folded in pizza style dough.

50 Beef & Cheddar Empanada - Ground beef and cheddar cheese with Mexican style seasoning in a fine short pastry

50 Roasted Corn & Sweet Chilli Empanada- Roasted sweet corn and red capsicum with caramelized onion and Tomato salsa in a fine short pastry

50 Lamb Madras Samosa - Madras curry paste combined with tomato, coconut and lamb wrapped in a yoghurt pastry.

50 Gourmet Vegetable Samosa - In a light curry sauce wrapped in a yogurt pastry

50 Butter Chicken Samosa - Fresh chicken gently cooked in a fragrant tandoori sauce and wrapped in our own samosa pastry.

50 Pumpkin & Toasted Almond Samosa - Fresh pumpkin cooked in a light coconut curry with toasted almond

50 Chicken & Macadamia Ball - Chicken and roasted macadamia nuts flavoured with fresh ginger, coriander and mint

50 Thai Beef & Prawn Meat Ball - Fresh prawns and beef blended together with Thai herbs and spices.

75 Italian Style Beef Meat Balls

75 Mexican Beef Meatballs – With Mexican spices

35 Risotto Balls – Three flavours to choose from Pumpkin & Fetta, Tomato & Basil and Bacon & Cheese. Lovely crumbed encased rice balls with the above flavours

16 Arancini Balls – Two flavours Sundried Tomato and Basil Pesto or Spinach, Mushroom & Mozzarella . Delicious fillings encased in a crumbed pastry – Nice larger size.

50 Malaysian Beef Meatballs – Marinated in a peanut sauce

45 Cigar Vegetable Spring Rolls – Cigar shaped large gourmet spring rolls elegantly presented

50 Crab, Coriander & Cream Cheese Spring Roll - Crab meat and fresh coriander folded through cream cheese with a hint of lemon and chilli

20 Peking Duck Spring Roll - Duck mixed Chinese spices, water chestnuts and spring onions in a crispy spring roll pastry.

40 Prawn & Calamari Twisters - Salt & Pepper Squid with succulent Prawns hand rolled in a light pastry.

40 Prawn & Scallop Twisters - Succulent Scallops with Ginger & Lemon, hand rolled to perfection in a crunchy light pastry with juicy Prawns.

40 Barramundi Twisters – Delicious barramundi fillets pieces marinated wrapped in a light crunchy pastry

40 Prawn Twisters – Succulent prawns in a crunchy pastry

40 Torpedo Prawns – Large prawns dipped in a light tempura batter lightly fried

40 Panko Crumbed Prawns – Large prawns lightly rolled in a Japanese herbed crumbed light fried

60 Garlic Prawn Skewers - Marinated in a garlic & herb butter

40 Thai Prawn Parcels – Prawns mix in Thai spices wrapped in a crunchy pastry

50 Pan fried Prawns – Marinated in a sweet chiili sauce

50 Japanese Prawn Gyoza – Prawn dumplings encased in a light pastry

50 Beef Teriyaki Satay – Beef fillets marinated in a teriyaki sauce skewered and pan fried

50 Chicken Satay – Chicken fillets marinated in a light satay sauce pan fried

50 Coconut Chicken Satay – Marinated with peanut sauce on sugar cane skewers

12 Gourmet Pizza Tarts – Hefty gourmet pizza tart with a delicious home-style ingredients

12 Gourmet Chicken Satay Tart – Chicken fillets marinated and tossed in a homemade satay sauce presented in a tart.

12 Beef Burgundy Pies – Home-style gourmet pie with chunks of beef cooked in a burgundy sauce

24 King Island Gourmet Beef Pies

24 Lemon & Lime & Chilli Chicken Pies

24 Moroccan Lamb Petite Pies

24 Chicken & Leek Petite Pies

96 Gourmet Petite Home Style Pies – Sweet chilli beef, Greek lamb & Chicken and mushroom

Fetta, Potato & Spinach Bites – Gourmets tasty Lebanese inspired bites

Lebanese Lamb Kibbeh - made with lamb mince pine nuts and cracked wheat blended with Arabic spices, torpedo shaped very tasty.

50 Trio Cheese Puffs – Premium cheese puff with three types of cheeses encased in puff pastry

50 Lamb & Bush Tomato Mignon - Disc shaped petite lamb fillet mixed with bush herbs wrapped in bacon

50 Cajun Chicken Mignon – Disc shaped chicken fillet with Cajun spices wrapped in bacon

50 Hickory Beef Mignon – Southern style disc shaped beef fillets wrapped in bacon

50 Lamb Yellow Honey Box & Rosemary Mignon – Lamb shaped disc marinated in honey and rosemary wrapped in bacon.

50 Mini Chicken Butter Wellingtons- Succulent chicken butter wrapped in pastry and oven cooked

50 Mini Beef Wellingtons – Mouth watering beef fillet beautifully marinated wrapped in pastry

50 Whiting Goujons – Petite whiting lightly spiced and crumbed

50 Thai Fish Cakes – Tasty Thai flavoured fish cakes

55 Chicken & Vegetable Curry Puffs - A mixture of chicken fillets and vegetables in a curry sauce

50 Macadamia Chicken Schnitzel - Homemade chicken breast schnitzel in a macadamia mix

50 Chicken Oriental Bites – Marinated in a plum sauce

30 Beef & Poppyseed Savouries – Home-style gourmet sausage rolls

30 Spinach & Cheese Savouries – Home-style spinach & cheese rolls

30 Pumpkin & Chive Savouries – Gourmet style pumpkin & chive rolls

30 Bacon & Cheese Savouries – Gourmet home-style rolls

30 Lasagne Savouries – Gourmet home-style rolls

12 Smoked Salmon & Chive Quiches – Delicious quiches elegantly presented

12 Quiche Lorraine – Petite home-style quiche

12 Quiche Florentine – Vegetable

12 Creamy Chicken Quiche – Petite home-style

12 Spinach & Cheese Quiche – Gourmet home-style

50 Vegetable Pakora's - Mixed Vegetable with spices blended into a batter and lightly fried

50 Chicken Tikka Roti - Chicken fillets marinated in tandoori sauce lightly fried wrapped in roti bread

drizzled with raita

50 Tandoori Chicken Drumettes – Mini Tandoori marinated drumettes oven cooked.

50 Indian Lamb Seekh Kebabs – Sausage shaped homemade Indian lamb mixed with spices

50 Chicken Tikka With Raita - Chicken fillets marinated in tandoori sauce oven cooked served with raita

50 Afghani Beef Kofta – Home made premium beef mixed with rare spices and fresh herbs

50 Mini Gourmet Chipolatas - A selection of gourmet mini sausages pan fried

50 Mini Hot Dogs – Gourmet chipolatas in a mini roll topped with a sweet tomato relish


Smoked Salmon – Topped with sour cream, caviar with a splash of tabasco on water crackers

Mango Chicken Pappadum – Shredded seasoned chicken breast mixed with mango and capsicum on a pappadam base.

Rare Roast Beef - Topped with a horseradish crème on a crisp toast

Tandoori Chicken - Thinly sliced with cucumber, red onion relish

Moroccan Beef Kofta Meatball – Lean beef mixed with Moroccan spices and fresh herbs oven cooked served with hummus

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